lThe ISC of all CT is one of many international chapters within the International Court System. Please click here for our Board of Directors listing.

If we happen to seem unusual to you at first, think about our primary objective. Our primary purpose is to provide a social union that secures equality, liberty and justice and to promote positive morale and pride throughout the community.

We actually have a lot of fun pulling out all the stops at our events which always benefit other nonprofits. Events are sometimes formal and often casual. We are creative, dedicated, cheerful and generous. We have realized that one of the best ways to achieve happiness and to develop ourselves as individuals is to be of service to others. We help one another and have made a great many lasting friendships, both domestic and international, throughout the International Court System. We fervently advocate for diversity and happen to represent just about every kind of people you can imagine.

Simply stated, we believe that people are people; we strive to help others and to promote awareness and acceptance among all.

hope. Love. Unity.